By Kyle Bartholomew


In the Carson McCullers story, Sucker, the main character is hurt after being betrayed by his older cousin. Sucker, the main character, is in a very shaky emotional state. His parents were killed in a car crash. He lives with his cousin Pete and shares a room and bed with him. But when Sucker exposes his feelings to Pete, what happens?  I think Sucker would have been better off not becoming close to Pete.

Sucker is a twelve year old boy, but he is far from average. He has no friends, and lives only to please his cousin Pete. When Sucker was younger, he would do anything  Pete told him. He even jumped off the garage with an umbrella and busted his knee, only because Pete told him to. He just wanted to be loved and accepted by his older cousin. But Pete ignores him. He is 16 years old, and only has eyes for a girl named Maybelle, his first true love. The problem is, Maybelle is cruel to Pete, so Pete vents his anger and frustration on Sucker. Pete ignores Sucker, and even kicks him. Then, Maybelle and Pete start dating suddenly. Pete becomes happy. Pete’s attitude towards Sucker changes drastically. He starts being nice to Sucker. One night, while Sucker and Pete are lying in bed, Sucker opens up to Pete. He asks Pete if Pete loved him like a brother. Pete told Sucker that he always did. Sucker exposes his feelings for Pete, and trusts him. He found comfort in Pete. And, because he didn’t have parents, he used Pete as a father figure. Then, Maybelle starts ignoring Pete. She starts riding around with a football player. Pete becomes angry and upset and begins ignoring sucker. When Sucker asks Pete why they aren’t buddies anymore, Pete explodes. Pete calls him dumb, worthless, and annoying. Pete tells Sucker no one cares about him, and that he doesn’t love him. Sucker is destroyed. He becomes angry, and he won’t talk to Pete. He hates Pete for betraying him. He trusted and loved Pete, but Pete burned him. Sucker turns away from Pete and starts hanging out with a gang. Pete misses his relationship with Sucker. But Sucker hates Pete with all his heart. He looks like he wants to kill Pete. Sucker would have been better off without becoming close Pete.

Sucker needed love and trust, and Pete crushed him. Now Sucker will grow up mean, hard, unfriendly, and unwilling to love anyone. Pete ignored Sucker. He made Sucker hurt himself, and he yelled at him. Sucker needed support after his parents died. Even though he needed to learn not to grovel, and to be independent, He could have learned that later in life though, not so young. He needed care and compassion, not anger and hate. Sucker would have been better off without becoming close to Pete.